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Warm Belt Electric Heating Belt Waist Protection Relieve Menstrual Pain

Warm Belt Electric Heating Belt Waist Protection Relieve Menstrual Pain

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1.Relieve menstrual pain: Heat the belt to use the latest far-infrared heat and provide heat to the body. It can be safely and quickly heated in one minute. Suitable for menstrual cramps, back pain, stomach cold, muscle soreness and other pain.
2.Three adjustable insulation modes: low / medium / high heat, triple experience to meet your different needs. The first level is 45 ° C, suitable for daily warming, the second level is 55 ° C, normal menstrual care, and the third level is 65 ° C, relieve menstrual pain.
3.Fast heating and safety: Fast heating technology heats up in 60 seconds and heats up quickly so you don't have to wait. The temperature is controllable, it can be safely worn inside, and it is very thin and easy to carry.
4.Adjustable belly size: Elastic waistband design, flexible adjustable waistband for all body types, while being able to lock in the desired position for heating.
5.Magnetic Inductive Charging: Different from the traditional charging method, it uses magnetic induction charging, which is safer and faster.


Rated voltage: 5V
Power: 5W
Heating temperature: 45-55-65/degree
Temperature control range: 45-65 degrees
Body care parts: waist protection
Product function: warm palace, warm stomach, waist protector
Product selling point: magnetic charging, hot compress and vibration massage
Material fabric: deerskin velvet fabric
Controller gear: 3 gears
Range of use: abdomen/waist

Package Content:

Protection belt*1 Charging cable*1 Manual*1

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